South Valley Tour

Visit the South Valley of Cusco visit the archaeological group.


Where we see the domain of hydraulic engineering at the time of the Incas, you can appreciate exceptional irrigation system channels vertical and horizontal risks terrace walls, the underground flows from a water source distributed through the channels mentioned . It was an important center of agricultural production.


Visit The pre-Inca citadel of ancient mystery remains interesting architecture, located 18 km south of the Valley of Cusco, close to Lake Huacarpay.. Archaeological site characterized by their levels of building stone, lime and plaster, strangely baptized at the end of the colony with the Quechua term (piki = louse; llaqta = people) which means “town of fleas”, it highlights the distribution of its buildings that was harmonious and symmetrical, in blocks with straight streets that saw several sectors, such as administrative, ceremonial, urban, defensive and sistem of road.


We continue to Andahuaylillas, a typical Spanish town located 35 kilometers southeast of the city of Cusco by the paved road leading to the Puno region. People kept art treasures and gold in his church called Sistine Chapel of America, built by the Jesuits in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth century. Its architectural structure is the classic of the churches in small towns, its walls are wide, typical of colonial buildings made of mud bricks dried in the sun, a facade adorned with murals covering the walls and especially the ceiling, with models geometric and flowers adorned with gold flakes. Its interior decoration is the most impressive of the enclosure.

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