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Mistura Feast

Details have emerged regarding the sixth edition of Latin America’s largest culinary festival, Mistura, held in Lima, Peru each September. There’s a new beachfront location on the Costa Verde, a stellar lineup of invited chefs, and Gastón Acurio back on the planning team. Mistura 2013 runs from September 6-15.

The Rocoto Relleno

Perhaps Arequipa’s signature entrée is the Rocoto Relleno. The rocoto is a chilli of Andean origin used for over 5000 years – one of the first to be domesticated. It looks very similar to a bell pepper but as one of the world’s spicier chillis, you can bet it doesn’t taste like one. In fact is is about 50 times spicier than a jalapeño.

Chan Chan Mud Citadel

It was the largest city that had existed in South America and remained that way even when it lay in ruins during part of the Spanish colonial period. At 18km2 by some measurements and more than 20km2 including its surrounding agricultural districts, this gigantic city formed the capital of the Chimor kingdom of the Chimú civilisation.

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